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from this dream...

i hope i never wake up

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17 April 1984
Libek/Elizabeth; 24; American (sigh); fanfic writer; website designer; sales associate. Friend me and I'll probably friend you, but I don't check my flist as often as I should.

: DGM, Bleach, KH, Tales Of Series, 'shipping things just this side of canon, writing and reading fanfic, drawing when I'm struck by the inspiration, participating in fandom in general, squealing over things with friends, RPing, etc.

:(: the strange idea that "liberal" and "politically-correct" have become insults, sexism in comic books, being so sensitive to sexism/racism/whathaveyou that characters in the media are no longer allowed to be human (e.g., stupid or helpless or mean), etc.

serial experiments lain + mod flexible squares

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