[+nonfandom] fallen leaves

from this dream...

i hope i never wake up

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Thanks for the guide! I got the feeling that C.C. was a little jealous, but my Japanese isn't that good... so I'm not sure ^__^

An exceedingly late reply: where do you mean?

Where? Um, there was a scene with C.C in Lulu's room, I believe. It was a looong time ago, so I don't really remember ^__^

Hahaha, darn. I thought I'd keep an eye out for you on my next playthrough. XD

Oh man, I love the guide. I'd hate to impose but could you make one for Kallen in the Black Knights? Or Britannia...in general?

Thanks so much!

There is a Britannia guide somewhere already :D


That guide really only covers the first pass through the Britannia path, with only the Lloyd ending given any kind of attention, and she hasn't done anything more with Lost Colors, so... It's not really a complete guide. ;)

I know, just thought it will help you a little :)

I definitely plan on it; school is beating me up a little right now, but yeah. ♥ Kallen and the Britannian path in general are both possibilities~.

is there a guide where I could get nunally

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